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In a mysterious temple enchanted fire and water blend together to create a fun adventure with two superheroes , and Watergirl Fireboy . Their roles are complementary and have the ability to use both characters at the same time .. With the first can avoid the lava pools, while with the second those of water with the characteristics of Fireboy . Collect all the diamonds and get to present their outputs in each level. Be careful though: there are areas for both lethal and many puzzles to solve with the help of both characters. The various levels can seem very similar: the secret lies in knowing how to use the two heroes simultaneously. It will be easy to send in a mess! To move use the arrow keys Fireboy , Watergirl you need for the W, A, D. To play use the arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump or use the jetpack, the SPACEBAR to drop a bomb, the mouse to fire or to select a weapon. Don't forget! Earn points by sharing, commenting and playing games . More points, much closer for the BIG PRIZE. Register on Y8 Com Games to check your highscore, achievements or make some friends! Sign Up on Y8 Com Games and get access to the best features!


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